Ubermacht Revolter Review & Customisation!

Ubermacht Revolter Customisation:

Ubermacht Revolter Review:

The New Revolter sports cars is one of the most expensive sports cars on the market! At a cost of $1,610,000 my question is, is it actually worth it?

Ascetically the car looks great, its based off the Cadillac Escala Concept, with headlights that appears to be a combination of a modern Audi A8 and the BMW Concept 8 Series. However, the customisation options are limited, it has very generic and basic customisation features (See Above).

Although it lacks customisation  such as bumpers and fenders, it does allow for livery’s and front mounted machine guns. This makes it a great CEO’s vehicle, it has four doors, allowing all organisation members to travel in the same vehicle, while providing machine gun cover if necessary!

The speed of the car is very quick for a four door car, however, there are cheaper cars such as the Karin Kuruma available that have a lot more positive/ useful features than this car.

Finally the price of this car. For a sports car the Revolter is extremely expensive! There are no armour capabilities and the only weapons available are machine guns (Available for an additional $100,000!) The customisation features are limited and there are far better cars available in GTA Online.

Overall I would not recommend buying this car. It is extremely expensive for what you get and there are much better ways to spend money in GTA Online.

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